Monday, July 9, 2012

Brumfield Settlement Part 2

Irvin Brumfield homesteaded 80 acres of land in Pike County, Mississippi submitting an application in September 1, 1870 and receiving title in June 13, 1881.   The Brumfield Settlement described by descendant relatives was over 300 acres.  Adjacent to the Irvin Brumfield homestead was the 160 acre homestead of Robert Brumfield. I have been unable at this time to verify if Irvin and Robert are related.  It is clear however that they knew each other.  Irvin Brumfield and Henry Conerly   were sworn witnesses that verified that Robert Brumfield was on the land beginning on September 12, 1869.

  Robert was the head of a family consisting of a wife and five children. In the 1870 Pike County Federal census,  Robert Brumfield 35 years old  is  listed with Anna 32 years old, Anna M. 10 years old, Jennett 6 years old and Robert 2 years old all born in Mississippi.  He had cultivated 30 acres with a 2 cotton houses, smoke house, crib and stables.  Robert Brumfield received title to the land August 31, 1876.