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Six Degree of Separation: Caston & Brumfield Families Part 12

Thomas Brumfield

Thomas Brumfield had a land homestead in Pike County, Mississippi. From research, he is known to have a wife Celia (Selia) her last name unknown and had one child a daughter Mary. Mary attended school  in Pike County.  Mary Brumfield and Willis Bowens at the age of approximately 17 and 27  years old married. Tom enumerated as the head of the household in the 1910 census with Mary and Willis Bowens having had nine children listed with six surviving Isaac 12, Thomas 10, Mattie 8, Willis Jr. 6, Rosabel (Roosevelt) 1 10/12 and Nehemiah 4.    Courtny a 4 year old child in the 1900 census is no longer listed and presumably dead.

Tom as a farmer, provided economic support for his family and extended family. I was unable to uncover any additional information related to Mary and Willis Bowens after the 1910 census. Tom employed his grandchildren on the farm.

In the World War I registrations, Issac and Tommy Bowens are farmers and list Tom Brumfield Sr. as their employer in September 12,1918 and October 28, 1918 respectively.

Isaac Bowens WWI Registration

Tommy Bowens WWI Registration
During my genealogy trip to the Allen County library, I found additional school census for Pike County, Mississippi. Tom Brumfield also was listed as the guardian for his grandchildren Nehemiah and Roosvelt Bowens 17 and 14 years old respectively at the Pike County  Yale School in 1923.

1923 Pike County, Ms. School Records Tom Brumfield guardian Roosevelt Bowens & Nehemiah Bowens children
The children of Silas Caston, John Gatlin  & Squire Gatlin are also listed in this record

In 1926, Tom Brumfield had apoplexy which is defined as a stroke and died 2 weeks later. On his death certificate, Lidia Caston is his mother and Celia Brumfield was the informant. This death certificate and the Federal 1870 census which I posted in part 2 of this series are the two items that establish Thomas Brumfield as a child of Liddie Caston.

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