Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ervin, Irvine, Irving, Irvin Part Three

In July, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend the Caston-Brumfield family reunion in Atlanta, Georgia.   Some of the descendants of  Louis Brumfield, Calvin Caston and Liddie were present.  Calvin and Liddie Caston children  descendants’  Eliza, Rosann, Isham, Jessie and Monroe Caston were not  located at that time.  I was present at the reunion as a descendant of Irvin Brumfield.

  After the reunion, I   had the opportunity to do additional research.  There is another Irvin Brumfield!  At the Mississippi Department of Archives & History Library, the enumeration of Pike County  Educable children records are available. These records can also be found on FamilySearch.com.   The records are divided into white and black children. These records have great information because they give a record of relationships during non-federal census years. The 1878 school lists include the name of the child, age, sex, race, and election district or ward. In the 1878 school records, I found black Irvin Brumfield 7 years old( born about 1871 ) and Tom Brumfield 9 years old( born about 1869) in Pike County the Holmesville Precinct . There is also another black Irvin Brumfield 5 years old (born about 1873) in Pike County the Holmesville Precinct.    In the Review of  MDAH Mf# 14646 for 1900  the following are listed for 1916

Black race  Township 2 Range 9 Pink Hill  Parent or Guardian  Irvin Brumfield  Name of Children : Jessie 18 , Beulah 17, Rosa 15, Alexander 13 , Albert 10, Little 7 , Emma 5

This Irvin Brumfield could possibly the decendant of Louis Brumfield and Liddie.  The Irvin Brumfield who is 5 years old is probably the decendant of my ancestor Irvin Brumfield Sr. Irvin Brumfield Sr. (my ancestor)  a neighbor and counterpart of Calvin Caston.   

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ervin, Irvine, Irving, Irvin Part Two

In July, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend the Caston-Brumfield family reunion in Atlanta, Georgia. At that reunion, another branch and connection was identified to me.  I had an opportunity to meet fellow genealogist and family historians  Roger Wilson and  Belinda “Gail” Howard.   They have been doing reseach on the Caston and Brumfield families.  
From the information presented by Roger,  Louis Brumfield and Liddie were married and had the following children : Richard Brumfield, Frank Brumfield, Irving Brumfield, Tom Brumfield, Eliza Brumfield, Rosann Brumfield and Isham Brumfield. It is not known what happen to Louis Brumfield. 
Liddie latter married Calvin Caston. In the 1900 Federal census they are  listed as married for 28 years with a calculated marriage date of 1872. They had a second set of children: Green Caston, Silas Caston , Jesse Caston, Adline Caston and Monroe Caston.

It is documented that Irvin Brumfield Sr. knew Calvin Caston because he verified residence of   Irvin (Ervine) Brumfield’s homestead application. According to the 1900 Federal census, the birth date of Irvin Brumfield Sr. is 1854 and for Liddie Brumfield is December, 1825 . It is possible that she could be his mother. 
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ervine, Irvine, Irving, Irvin Part 1

It is sometimes difficult to find individuals within a family and their friends. The clues that have been helpful to me have been time period, location and family member names.  Freedmen may have the first name of a parent, grandparent a person they admire or of the former slaveholder. Most freedmen could not read or write and the spelling of their names may have not been consistent.
The time period I began the research started in 1817 which is the year the Mississippi became a state in the United States.  The locations I focused on were Pike County, Mississippi and Washington Parish, Louisiana which where the Caucasian Brumfield family and descendants settled from South Carolina recorded in Brumfield Histories by Albert R. Brumfield and Alma Dell Clawson.    Family member names were identified from family stories, vital records, census, and school records.  It is not always clear from records the race of the individuals. The first ancestor I began my initial research was Irvin (Ervine) Brumfield. There are however more than one Irvin.

Irvin Brumfield Sr.  born abt. 1854 and died abt 1900 in Mississippi. He married Louisa McEwen (possibly Ellzey) born abt. 1849 died July 20, 1935
 They had the following children: 
           Martha Ann   14 December 1872 - 2 February 1954
    Sherman 24 February 1873 - unknown     
                            Irvin May 1874 -unknown
                       William 02 January 1875 -22 Feb 1959
                               Louis  28 May 1878 - 1965
                        Isom  27 December 1880 -3 September 1963
                          George January 1882-21 February 1959
                          Mamie 23 August 1885-15 April 1972
                            Daisy 1889- December 1964
                            Mattie  06 Sep 1894- 30 January 1959

Two  Irvin Brumfields here father and son

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Putting the Pieces Together Part 3

Isham Brumfield Family

 The Federal Agriculture Non Population census I have found to be helpful in filling in the gaps of missing people and family relationships. The 1870 and 1880 Agriculture Non-Population Census helped fine tune geographic locations. For example, Charlotte Brumfield was the wife of Isham Brumfield.    I found Charlotte listed in Labor contract in 1865 for Washington Parish and the Washington Parish, Louisiana Agriculture census in 1870(shown in prior blogs) .    In the 1870 Federal population census for Pike County, Mississippi Isham Brumfield born in Louisiana is listed with Eli, Hester and Harriet born in Mississippi who are probably his children.  The 1880 Agriculture Census for Pike County, Mississippi lists Isham and Eli Brumfield 

Hope Smith, Bob Magee, Isham Brumfield, Eli Brumfield, Jacob Ellezy, George Lundy, Green Smtih, Casander RimeJames McDaniel  Richard McDanie

 In the homesteader records in 1883, Isham property is near Walker’s Bridge and he states he has three children but no mention of a wife.  Charlotte has probably died.   I know that Charlotte was the wife of Isham because I found an two important pieces of information.  In the 1865 Labor Contract, Charlotte is listed and grandchildren Keziah,Wade and Charlotte are also listed. Eli had a child named Keziah.   Eli Brumfield died in June 2, 1933 in Pike County, Mississippi and his parents are listed as Isom Brumfield and Charlotte Brumfield on the death certificate.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Putting the pieces together Part 2

The information I used prior blogs in research have been from family stories, Bureau of Land Management and  Federal Population Censuses .  I know that my some of my Brumfield ancestors and their friends were farmers.  I have found information in the Nonpopulation Federal Census Schedules.  I began to look in the Agriculture census and found additional information.

In the Agriculture Census  for Washington Parish  Post Office Franklinton July 30, 1870

1870 Agriculture Census Washington Parish Louisiana   Line 8 Sherman Brumfield   Line 9 William Brumfield

1870 Agriculture Census Washington Parish Louisiana Line 10 Charlotte Brumfield  Line 18 Gale Brumfield  

Page 5
Line 8   Sherman Brumfield   Line 9 William Brumfield   Line 16 Charlotte Brumfield Line 18 Gale Brumfield are listed

The names Sherman and William are names of two of the children of Irvin Brumfield Sr.  They however these children were born after 1870. Possibly they are related to each other and Irvin Brumfield Sr.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Putting Pieces Together Part 1


In the initial process of searching for family connections,   I have used a common surname Brumfield and locations Pike County, Mississippi and Washington Parish, Louisiana as my starting points.  My sources for information have been the Federal Census records and Bureau of Land Management records.  From this information I have date and relationship chart. 


Year Start of



Year final of



Robert Brumfield

41-42 years old

Sept. 12, 1869

Henry Conerly &

Irvin Brumfield

Aug 31, 1876

Ann(wife)  6 children Anna, Jeanette, Robert, Frank, Cina & Jimmie

Isham Broomfield(Brumfield)

63 years old

March 6, 1873/Dec.,1870

Robert Magee,

Joseph Conerly & Jacob Ellzey

June 21, 1883

Charlotte (wife) 3 children Eli, Henrietta & Hester

Irvin Brumfield

34-35 years old

September 1, 1870

Henry Conerly & Calvin Caston

June 13, 1881

Louisa (wife) and four children Martha Ann, Sherman,  Irvin & William

Gale Brumfield51-56 years old

Dec 10, 1869

R. S. Wilson &

W. W. Wilson

March 14, 1876

Harriet (wife) and 8 children George, Sylvia, Rosetta, Martha, Louisa, Janetta, Grant & Oliver

 In a previous blog post, I listed Thesionie  28 years old as a child of Gale Brumfield because she was listed with him in the Federal 1870 census but I am not sure  she was his child.   In the 1870 census, relationships with the head of the family are not listed.  She is not listed in the 1880 census with Gale Brumfield.

In the 1880 census for Gale Brumfield, Willie age 15 years old is a nephew and Sylvia is a niece.  These children are also listed in the 1870 census.  They are possibly orphans and Gale and Harriet are their uncle and aunt.

The child Jeanette is listed in the 1870 & 1880 census with Robert Brumfield. A child Janetta is listed in the  1870 & 1880 census with Gale Brumfield.  Simliar names maybe the same people.