Friday, October 19, 2012

Putting Pieces Together Part 1


In the initial process of searching for family connections,   I have used a common surname Brumfield and locations Pike County, Mississippi and Washington Parish, Louisiana as my starting points.  My sources for information have been the Federal Census records and Bureau of Land Management records.  From this information I have date and relationship chart. 


Year Start of



Year final of



Robert Brumfield

41-42 years old

Sept. 12, 1869

Henry Conerly &

Irvin Brumfield

Aug 31, 1876

Ann(wife)  6 children Anna, Jeanette, Robert, Frank, Cina & Jimmie

Isham Broomfield(Brumfield)

63 years old

March 6, 1873/Dec.,1870

Robert Magee,

Joseph Conerly & Jacob Ellzey

June 21, 1883

Charlotte (wife) 3 children Eli, Henrietta & Hester

Irvin Brumfield

34-35 years old

September 1, 1870

Henry Conerly & Calvin Caston

June 13, 1881

Louisa (wife) and four children Martha Ann, Sherman,  Irvin & William

Gale Brumfield51-56 years old

Dec 10, 1869

R. S. Wilson &

W. W. Wilson

March 14, 1876

Harriet (wife) and 8 children George, Sylvia, Rosetta, Martha, Louisa, Janetta, Grant & Oliver

 In a previous blog post, I listed Thesionie  28 years old as a child of Gale Brumfield because she was listed with him in the Federal 1870 census but I am not sure  she was his child.   In the 1870 census, relationships with the head of the family are not listed.  She is not listed in the 1880 census with Gale Brumfield.

In the 1880 census for Gale Brumfield, Willie age 15 years old is a nephew and Sylvia is a niece.  These children are also listed in the 1870 census.  They are possibly orphans and Gale and Harriet are their uncle and aunt.

The child Jeanette is listed in the 1870 & 1880 census with Robert Brumfield. A child Janetta is listed in the  1870 & 1880 census with Gale Brumfield.  Simliar names maybe the same people.

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