Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Putting the Pieces Together Part 3

Isham Brumfield Family

 The Federal Agriculture Non Population census I have found to be helpful in filling in the gaps of missing people and family relationships. The 1870 and 1880 Agriculture Non-Population Census helped fine tune geographic locations. For example, Charlotte Brumfield was the wife of Isham Brumfield.    I found Charlotte listed in Labor contract in 1865 for Washington Parish and the Washington Parish, Louisiana Agriculture census in 1870(shown in prior blogs) .    In the 1870 Federal population census for Pike County, Mississippi Isham Brumfield born in Louisiana is listed with Eli, Hester and Harriet born in Mississippi who are probably his children.  The 1880 Agriculture Census for Pike County, Mississippi lists Isham and Eli Brumfield 

Hope Smith, Bob Magee, Isham Brumfield, Eli Brumfield, Jacob Ellezy, George Lundy, Green Smtih, Casander RimeJames McDaniel  Richard McDanie

 In the homesteader records in 1883, Isham property is near Walker’s Bridge and he states he has three children but no mention of a wife.  Charlotte has probably died.   I know that Charlotte was the wife of Isham because I found an two important pieces of information.  In the 1865 Labor Contract, Charlotte is listed and grandchildren Keziah,Wade and Charlotte are also listed. Eli had a child named Keziah.   Eli Brumfield died in June 2, 1933 in Pike County, Mississippi and his parents are listed as Isom Brumfield and Charlotte Brumfield on the death certificate.

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