Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ervine, Irvine, Irving, Irvin Part 1

It is sometimes difficult to find individuals within a family and their friends. The clues that have been helpful to me have been time period, location and family member names.  Freedmen may have the first name of a parent, grandparent a person they admire or of the former slaveholder. Most freedmen could not read or write and the spelling of their names may have not been consistent.
The time period I began the research started in 1817 which is the year the Mississippi became a state in the United States.  The locations I focused on were Pike County, Mississippi and Washington Parish, Louisiana which where the Caucasian Brumfield family and descendants settled from South Carolina recorded in Brumfield Histories by Albert R. Brumfield and Alma Dell Clawson.    Family member names were identified from family stories, vital records, census, and school records.  It is not always clear from records the race of the individuals. The first ancestor I began my initial research was Irvin (Ervine) Brumfield. There are however more than one Irvin.

Irvin Brumfield Sr.  born abt. 1854 and died abt 1900 in Mississippi. He married Louisa McEwen (possibly Ellzey) born abt. 1849 died July 20, 1935
 They had the following children: 
           Martha Ann   14 December 1872 - 2 February 1954
    Sherman 24 February 1873 - unknown     
                            Irvin May 1874 -unknown
                       William 02 January 1875 -22 Feb 1959
                               Louis  28 May 1878 - 1965
                        Isom  27 December 1880 -3 September 1963
                          George January 1882-21 February 1959
                          Mamie 23 August 1885-15 April 1972
                            Daisy 1889- December 1964
                            Mattie  06 Sep 1894- 30 January 1959

Two  Irvin Brumfields here father and son

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