Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ervin, Irvine, Irving, Irvin Part Two

In July, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend the Caston-Brumfield family reunion in Atlanta, Georgia. At that reunion, another branch and connection was identified to me.  I had an opportunity to meet fellow genealogist and family historians  Roger Wilson and  Belinda “Gail” Howard.   They have been doing reseach on the Caston and Brumfield families.  
From the information presented by Roger,  Louis Brumfield and Liddie were married and had the following children : Richard Brumfield, Frank Brumfield, Irving Brumfield, Tom Brumfield, Eliza Brumfield, Rosann Brumfield and Isham Brumfield. It is not known what happen to Louis Brumfield. 
Liddie latter married Calvin Caston. In the 1900 Federal census they are  listed as married for 28 years with a calculated marriage date of 1872. They had a second set of children: Green Caston, Silas Caston , Jesse Caston, Adline Caston and Monroe Caston.

It is documented that Irvin Brumfield Sr. knew Calvin Caston because he verified residence of   Irvin (Ervine) Brumfield’s homestead application. According to the 1900 Federal census, the birth date of Irvin Brumfield Sr. is 1854 and for Liddie Brumfield is December, 1825 . It is possible that she could be his mother. 
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