Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ervin, Irvine, Irving, Irvin Part Three

In July, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend the Caston-Brumfield family reunion in Atlanta, Georgia.   Some of the descendants of  Louis Brumfield, Calvin Caston and Liddie were present.  Calvin and Liddie Caston children  descendants’  Eliza, Rosann, Isham, Jessie and Monroe Caston were not  located at that time.  I was present at the reunion as a descendant of Irvin Brumfield.

  After the reunion, I   had the opportunity to do additional research.  There is another Irvin Brumfield!  At the Mississippi Department of Archives & History Library, the enumeration of Pike County  Educable children records are available. These records can also be found on FamilySearch.com.   The records are divided into white and black children. These records have great information because they give a record of relationships during non-federal census years. The 1878 school lists include the name of the child, age, sex, race, and election district or ward. In the 1878 school records, I found black Irvin Brumfield 7 years old( born about 1871 ) and Tom Brumfield 9 years old( born about 1869) in Pike County the Holmesville Precinct . There is also another black Irvin Brumfield 5 years old (born about 1873) in Pike County the Holmesville Precinct.    In the Review of  MDAH Mf# 14646 for 1900  the following are listed for 1916

Black race  Township 2 Range 9 Pink Hill  Parent or Guardian  Irvin Brumfield  Name of Children : Jessie 18 , Beulah 17, Rosa 15, Alexander 13 , Albert 10, Little 7 , Emma 5

This Irvin Brumfield could possibly the decendant of Louis Brumfield and Liddie.  The Irvin Brumfield who is 5 years old is probably the decendant of my ancestor Irvin Brumfield Sr. Irvin Brumfield Sr. (my ancestor)  a neighbor and counterpart of Calvin Caston.   

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Judith Baker said...

I too have Brumfields from the same area. A Tom Brumfield is my 3rd- Great-Grandfather.