Friday, October 26, 2012

Putting the pieces together Part 2

The information I used prior blogs in research have been from family stories, Bureau of Land Management and  Federal Population Censuses .  I know that my some of my Brumfield ancestors and their friends were farmers.  I have found information in the Nonpopulation Federal Census Schedules.  I began to look in the Agriculture census and found additional information.

In the Agriculture Census  for Washington Parish  Post Office Franklinton July 30, 1870

1870 Agriculture Census Washington Parish Louisiana   Line 8 Sherman Brumfield   Line 9 William Brumfield

1870 Agriculture Census Washington Parish Louisiana Line 10 Charlotte Brumfield  Line 18 Gale Brumfield  

Page 5
Line 8   Sherman Brumfield   Line 9 William Brumfield   Line 16 Charlotte Brumfield Line 18 Gale Brumfield are listed

The names Sherman and William are names of two of the children of Irvin Brumfield Sr.  They however these children were born after 1870. Possibly they are related to each other and Irvin Brumfield Sr.
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