Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brumfield Settlement Part 4

Gale Brumfield

Gale Brumfield was born in Mississippi on 1825 or 1820   according to the Washington Parish Federal census  in Louisiana   1870  and  1880 respectively .  He was married to Harriett born in 1843 according to the 188o census.  He homesteaded 153 acres of land in Washington Parish, Louisiana beginning in December 10, 1869.  Although his homestead was not in Pike County, Mississippi  relationships  will be identified with other Brumfield families.
At the beginning of the homestead Gale was the head of a family of wife and eight children.  In the 1870 census, the individuals listed  Thesionie 28,   George 14, Louisa 12, Martha 6, Rosilla 8, Sylvia 10,   Jeanette 4, and William 2  were probably his children based on their ages.  He improved the land by building a corn crib, smoke house and stable. M. M.  Wilson and R. S. Wilson were his witnesses to his homestead.  Gale Brumfield received final title to the land on June 13, 1876.


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