Friday, February 21, 2014

Six Degrees of Separation Caston & Brumfield Families Part 1

While searching for genealogy information, I had an opportunity to meet a cousin online.  I latter attended a family reunion and found a connection between the Brumfield and the Caston families.  Liddie (last name unknown) was the mother of Brumfield and Caston children.   Louis Brumfield was Liddie's first husband.  I have been unable to locate Louis in census records or verify when he died. According to her death certificate she was born in Mississippi and parents are unknown. Her approximate date of birth is December, 1825 from the Federal 1900 census . She is thought to have been 93 years upon her death on July 5, 1916. Calvin Caston was born in Mississippi approximate date of birth April, 1832 was married to Liddie in 1872 from the Federal 1900 census. I have been unable to verify when he died.
  Liddie and Louis Brumfield children           
1)      Richard Brumfield
2)     Frank Brumfield
3)     Irving Brumfield
4)     Tom Brumfield
5)     Elvira Brumfield
6)     Rosann Brumfield
7)     Isham Brumfield

Liddie and Calvin Caston
1)      Green Caston
2)     Silas Caston
3)     Jesse Caston
4)     Adline Caston
5)     Monroe Caston

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Hello! I am conducting research with the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project on Silas Caston. I have been looking for his relatives to interview regarding his death. I would appreciate it if you could contact me as soon as possible regarding his relatives. Thank you!

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