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FAN is a mnemonic in genealogy circles for Friends, Associates and Neighbors.  In my genealogical research,  I try to accumulate information from my ancestor's FAN (Friends, Associates & Neighbors) club. The FAN of ancestors is comparable to the modern social network.   I have many surnames which include my ancestors names, their neighbors, their in laws and my in-laws. I have also found that in  genealogical  research that having the same surname in the same geographic area does necessarily equal a blood relationship.  Some surnames of individuals have no  obvious relationship I have seen repeatedly in my research.  I can not resist saving information of a family that lived in same geographic area and may or may not be  related to an ancestor.       

I have been able to people in connect FAN connections from geographic location using homestead information from the Bureau of land Management. The chart has information posted in a previous blog except for Calvin Caston.

Walkers Bridge Pike County, Mississippi

Homesteader                Year Start of                       Witnesses                          Year final of
                                       Homestead                                                                        Homestead

Robert Brumfield         Sept. 12, 1869              Henry Conerly                       Aug. 31, 1876
                                                                                 Irvin Brumfield

Isham Broomfield      March 6, 1873/              Robert Magee,                       June 21, 1883
 (Brumfield)                   Dec.,1870                     Joseph Conerly 
                                                                              & Jacob Ellzey    
Irvin Brumfield             Sept. 1, 1870                 Henry Conerly &                  June 13, 1881
                                                                                  Calvin Caston

Gale Brumfield             Dec 10, 1869                R. S. Wilson &                        March 14, 1876
                                                                                 W. W. Wilson

Calvin Caston                  August 15,1870            Tom Brumfield                      June 11, 1889
                                                                                  Joe McEwin
                                                                                  David Walker
                                                                                  Henry S. Brummel

All of these men possibly knew each other prior to establishing a homestead. Calvin Caston was probably the stepfather of Irvin and Tom Brumfield. Henry Conerly knew Calvin Caston, Robert and Irvin Brumfield.  Possibly Henry Conerly and Joseph Conerly are related. I found Henry and Joseph enumerated in the 1880 census.
Henry Conerly 55 years old and Joseph Conerly 23 years old enumerated  in the  Pike County, Mississippi 1880 Federal Census

Maybe they homestead near each other because they had were friends or previously lived together.  

------The Tree Gardener

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