Monday, September 19, 2016

Irvin Brumfield Identified

 I have been trying to identify the Brumfield children of Liddie Brumfield (Caston) and Louis Brumfield.  One of Liddie’s children  was Tom Brumfield. In my genealogy research, I have found several men with the name of Irvin Brumfield who lived in Pike County, Mississippi. I have been trying to ascertain if Irvin Brumfield born August, 1846 is a child of Liddie .

I have established that Irvin Brumfield definitely knew Liddie Brumfield's second husband Calvin Caston. Calvin Caston was a sworn witness on Irvin Brumfield’s homestead application. Tom Brumfield was a sworn witness on Calvin Caston’s homestead application.  The children of Tom and Irvin Brumfield and Calvin Caston are listed on the 1885 Pike County, School record.  Irvin’s children’s names were Martha Ann, Irvin Jr., William, Sherman, Louis, George, Isom, Mamie, Daisy and Mattie.

It was exciting for me to meet Eddie Brumfield Sr.  His grandfather was Tom Brumfield son of Liddie and Louis Brumfield. Irvin Brumfield Sr. died in 1900 before Eddie Sr. was born. Eddie Brumfield Sr.  however knew the some of the children of Irvin Brumfield Sr. They were  Irvin Jr., Isom, Sherman, Louis, Mamie and Mattie who were his father’s Willis age and his cousins.  I believe Tom Brumfield and Irvin Brumfield were brothers.
Irvin Brumfield Sr. would be Eddie Brumfield Sr. grand-uncle 

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