Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Eddie Brumfield Sr. Part 4 Principles of Work

Eddie Brumfield Sr. at 93 years old discussed his work ethic. He performed  piece work handling cowhides for 4 cent each.  He latter started working daily on the river as a longshoreman. He tried to learn every aspect related to his job.  With much humor Eddie Sr. explains how he progressed from a worker to crew foreman supervisor of 23 men. 

 In this episode he also divulge his secret to maintaining a sharp mind. He discusses his relationships and family. Eddie Sr. talks about his enjoyment of playing Dominos and card games Tonk and Coon-can. Coon-can also known as Conquian  is regarded as one the oldest form of Rummy. Tonk or tunk is a fast moving card game with features of Rummy.

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