Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trees in the garden

I have been involved in genealogy research for almost 20 years. The first tree that I began my initial investigation was the black African American Brumfield family of Pike County, Mississippi. From this research, it has lead to other branches of the Brumfield tree and neighboring trees. No family lives in isolation having friends and neighbors whose lives intertwine together which shape personal history.   I have included other family trees on my research journey which have had an influence on my ancestors and me.  My personal goals are to learn about the history of the United States, share information, tear down brick walls and include others in my research journey.

I have been researching the genealogy of the following surnames Barnes, Bearden, Brumfield, Bullock, Caston, Donnell, Edwards, Gatlin, Goff,  Power, Raybon, Smith, Stacher, Strickland, Thomas, Watkins & Wynn.   These trees are in the following states Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Illinois, South Carolina, Texas, New York, Tennessee & Louisiana. These surnames have been selected because they are connected or related to the Brumfield family. -------- Tree Gardener  


Lee said...

This is awesome!

TCasteel said...

Although I see no surnames in common, we are researching in the same group of states. I imagine eventually our lines will cross. It is a small world.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)