Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Cemetery Graves

Memorial Day was initially a federal holiday to commemorate the dead soldiers after the Civil War.  It latter developed into a day to remember deceased relatives. Memorial Day for me as a child symbolized the beginning of summer.   My family would have a cookout and invite friends over for barbecue.  My deceased relative’s graves were hundreds of miles away.  I rarely visited a cemetery.     

As I became older, I attended more funerals--- immediate family members and close friends were dying.    This Memorial Day I will not be going to a cemetery.  I will be working.     I plan however to visit cemeteries to find ancestors and friends graves.  I want to know that their remains have not been desecrated.  These people who were dear to me are not forgotten.  

Look at the Burr Oak Cemetery incident. 

My father was buried in a Chicago, Illinois cemetery not  Burr Oak Cemetery.  I have his plot number but his headstone is missing.   I will  plan this year to investigate what can be done. If someone has had a similar problem and or solution let me know. has a mobile telephone camera app which allows you to photograph a headstone, transcribe the information and locate the grave in the future.  I plan to use this app when I find locate my friends and family trees graves.

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Jim S said...

Welcome to Geneabloggers. Memorial Day is a day to honor those soldiers who fought and died while in service of the United States. My ancestor John D. Laurie was one of them from the civil war.

Regards, Jim
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Tree Gardener said...

Dear Jim S.,
You are absolutely correct that the history of Memorial Day is to commemorate the soldiers who died in the service of the United States after the Civil War. We also now honor all soldiers who have died in the service to the country. No greater sacrifice can be given than your life. Many people also visit the graves of their deceased relatives weather they serve in the military or not. I would like to give honor to the brave fallen soldiers and to ancestors on this day.

Penny said...

My sister,tree gardener created this blog to family members to increase their knowledge of our family. She is highly knowledgeable concerning our family mainly the Bearden branch. We as descendants of Mattie Bearden are grateful for this opportunity. I will be known as the the upper limb.