Friday, June 1, 2012

The Most Important Things You Can Do

I have had the opportunity to hear internationally known genealogist Tony Burroughs author of Black Roots speak several times.  He suggests the most important things you can do is record your personal history and interview your oldest family member.  I am in the process of writing my personal story.  Recording my story for me is more difficult than researching family genealogy!  My story will be a subject for a different time.

I have through the years “talked to” my older relatives.  I unfortunately, did not have the interviewing skills to ask the questions to provide a full picture of their lives. My  questions consisted of who, what, when, where and how.   I began my research of Brumfield and Bearden families because my older relatives were their descendants. I was told that my Brumfield and Bearden ancestors were former slaves.  My  initial  research started with the Brumfield tree from Pike County, Mississippi  the  first home of my relatives.  I would like to begin with my ancestor Irving Brumfield.

 Irving Brumfield was born in August, 1846 Mississippi  as listed on census records. Through my research he has multiple spelling of his first name Irving, Ervine and Irvin.  He is thought to be part or all Choctaw Indian and mother is listed as Norma Lilian as told by descendants.  This information has not been verified.

I have link to family group sheet.  Will give more information latter.

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