Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lost & Not Found

The Allen County Library has a section on the second floor which has the genealogy books and materials. It appears relatively safe with one main entrance. While  I  was at the library, my laptop computer was stolen. I notified the library security and filed a police report.  The  policeman told me that the likelihood of getting it back was slim.
The four year old computer itself had little financial value. The information contained within was of great personal value. The  good news for me is that my computer is password protected. I however changed all my passwords that are  available.  I used  an external hard drive to backup my computer prior to my trip.  I also  used Evernote to store my genealogical  research which is on my smartphone.
  Since this loss, I have learned more about computer security and reminded myself  that no place is truly safe.

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