Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Six degrees of Separation: Caston & Brumfield Families Part 8

Isham Brumfield

 Irvin and Robert Brumfield homesteaded 80 and 160 acres respectively in Pike County Mississippi. My mother Irvin Brumfield’s granddaughter stated that Isham or possibly Isom Brumfield was Irvin’s father.  I have yet been unable to verify this information.  Isham Brumfield (Broomfield/ Bromfield)   however homestead 160.26 acres of land in Walkers Bridge, Pike County, Mississippi beginning in December, 1870. At the time of his homestead, his family consisted of 3 children.  The 1870 Federal Pike County census lists Isham Brumfield 49 years old with 3 children Eli 14, Henrietta 18 and Hester 10.  His initial application was filed March 6, 1873. 

  He almost missed the opportunity to own the land because of a missed proof filing date. He missed the filling date after five weekly notices dated from March 12th to April 9th 1880 in the newspaper Magnolia Gazette.   He requested that his homestead application be reinstated which was cancelled January 14, 1881.   The reasons for the missed filing in the request for reinstatement was secondary to “severe disease of   both of his eyes from which he became totally blind.” and ignorance of the law.  In the testimony of claimant dated October 21, 1881, he stated he was 63 years old with three children.  He had a dwelling house, stables valued at $200.00 and cultivated 20 acres and raised 5 crops. His witnesses Solomon Singleton and Jacob Ellzey also verified his homestead from December, 1870 to October 12, 1881.    Isham Brumfield displayed fortitude of character because with sightlessness his homestead was reinstated and he received title to the land in December 13, 1884.

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