Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Calvin Caston Homestead Part 1

A Place To Live

Calvin Caston is enumerated in the Pike County Federal August 12, 1870 census.  In the 1870 census, familial relationships are not identified but the individuals listed with him all have the same surname.  I have listed the family members  in a previous blogs. It is interesting that post Civil War most black people with the Caston surname lived in  nearby Amite County.  I have not been able to connect Calvin Caston to that county. The Bureau of Land Management is a source for information concerning land patents and homesteads in the United States.   Calvin a farmer applied for a homestead in Pike County, Mississippi in August 15, 1870.  His application was for 80 acres. 

The homestead process to obtain land consisted of filing an application, improving the land and filing a deed of title.  The homesteader had to live on the land for 5 years, improve the land by planting crops and build a dwelling 12 by 14 size. Proof of residency had to be established before the deed was issued. Calvin's homestead records gives an insight to his life and family.  He had life circumstances that cause a long delay in receiving title to the land. He did not receive deed of title for 21 years until  August 19, 1891. More to be discussed.

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