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Calvin Caston Where's the Proof ? Part 2

Part 2

Calvin Caston filed a homestead application August 15, 1870.  He built housing, planted crops and paid taxes on the property. In May 28, 1880 his homestead was cancelled.  

Homestead Application number 4260 at top of form

Calvin  failed to provide final proof of his homestead. Several events occurred which prevented submission of final proof.  On February 24, 1885 , Calvin Caston made a sworn affidavit  to the clerk of the circuit court of Pike county, Mississippi to reinstate his homestead. I have attempted to try to transcribe a portion of the affidavit:

Calvin Caston Request for Homestead Reinstatement

" ... at the time he should have made final proof on the said homestead he had a death in his family (can't decipher) a grown daughter and that he was confined to bed with a long spell of (can't decipher). That soon after he learned that his Htd was cancelled he came before the clerk of the court and petitioned the United states Land Department to reinstate him in (can't decipher) Homestead. That said petition was lost or miscarried on its way to Jackson.   That being uneducated and ignorant of the law he did not know what else to do.  That he has paid the taxes on the land several years and he thought in doing so he was doing his duty as a law abiding citizen and that in doing so

 Calvin Caston Request for Homestead Reinstatement and signature

it would give him the right to hold the same.  That he has lived on said land thirteen years and has made crops that many seasons.  He raised cotton, corn peas, potatoes in the land contracted in said Homestead that has erected on said land the following improvements  to with dwelling house, corn crib, stables (can't decipher) has sixty acres of the said in cultivation.  That his improvements that he has erected in said land is worth about three hundred dollars.  That he has completed with the same in the settlement and cultivation of said Homestead as faithfully as his extremely limited knowledge of the same enabled to do.  The premises considered he prays the United States department to reinstate him in said Homestead and permit him to make final proof on same as it is his only chance for a home for himself now in old age and his three children dependant upon him for a home in which to live."

"Sworn to and subscribed this                   his
24th day of Febry AD 1885"             Calvin X Caston

Calvin Caston homestead was reinstated April 4, 1885.

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